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February 2017 Archives

Car accidents can be the result of drag racing

One minute an individual is driving along a street, listening to the radio; the next minute that same individual is seriously injured due to the actions of another driver. Car accidents happen all too often throughout Tennessee. For one reason or another, traffic laws are ignored and the outcome is devastating.

Interstate car accidents occur all too often

The interstate highway system allows drivers to quickly travel from one place to another. Without the stop-and-go traffic that is common on most Tennessee roadways, drivers are able to reach their destinations with little need to slow down. However, this can all change when car accidents come into play.

Decision to drive under influence can lead to car accidents

The decision to operate a motor vehicle on a Tennessee roadway carries with it a great responsibility. The driver is responsible for the safety of those in his vehicle as well as the safety of those around him. When the driver makes decisions that can have a negative impact on his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle, car accidents are often the end result.

Rules of the road followed to avoid auto-pedestrian accidents

Many Tennessee residents decide to walk to their destination rather than drive. This is often done to promote good health and to enjoy the fresh air. A quick walk to the corner convenience store or friend's home can be refreshing. Unfortunately, some of these walks end up resulting in auto\-pedestrian accidents.

Tennessee car accidents and their innocent victims

Tennessee drivers are required to follow a multitude of traffic laws. There are laws regarding how fast one can drive, how one should navigate lane changes and even when one should come to a complete stop. These laws were put in place in an effort to protect people. Even before learning to drive, one quickly becomes aware that vehicles have a specific lane in which they must travel and a specific side of the road on which they must stay. Any time a driver violates these traffic laws, there is the possibility for disaster and car accidents are likely to occur.

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