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Helping You Get Through Your Divorce

Unfortunately, when your marriage ends, it is only the beginning of the process. Whether it was a mutual decision or not, you have a lot of decisions to make and issues to resolve. You want an attorney who can guide you through the difficulties ahead and advocate for your needs and goals.

At Boston, Holt & Durham, PLLC, our attorneys have extensive experience with all family law matters for our clients in Lawrenceburg throughout the surrounding areas. Our attorneys understand Tennessee family law and approach all of your issues with sensitivity and care.

An Amicable Divorce Is Hard Work

Our goal for each client is to provide an amicable, low-conflict divorce. To that end, we always want our clients to remember:

  • Low conflict does not mean no conflict: Even if you and your ex are in agreement on most matters, there may still be points of tension. We want to help make sure that once your divorce is final, you do not have to return to court or hire a lawyer again in the future.
  • Controlling your emotions is important:There are likely many good reasons your marriage is ending. Divorce litigation can be an expensive avenue to work through those feelings. We want to help you make informed, educated decisions that are in your best interest.
  • Some decisions are out of your hands: We will advocate for your fair share of the marital estate or the right amount of child or spousal support. Ultimately the court will make that decision.
  • Even a fast divorce takes some time: There is a 60-day waiting period for divorces without children and a 90-day waiting for those couples with children.

It can be challenging for some to go through a divorce, but if you approach the end of the marriage with the appropriate distance, it can be a lot easier for you.

Advocacy When You Need It

Not every divorce can or will end in an amicable agreement despite your best efforts. When that happens, we are experienced in protecting your interests in court. Our goal is to advocate for what you need and put you first.

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