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Protecting Workers After Job-Related Injuries

No one wants to get an injury at work. Frankly, no one wants an injury at all. However, accidents happen, and people get injuries. In most cases, a person injured in a work accident will have coverage through the workers’ compensation system, but that can be complicated.

Our attorneys at , have served the working people of Lawrenceburg for more than eight decades. We’ve established a tradition for excellence in service because we get to know our clients. We work directly with them and take steps to solve their workers’ compensation problems with skillful, sensible service.

How We Assist Workers’ Compensation Cases

While the workers’ compensation system intends for individuals to file independently, it is immensely complicated. Often individuals face significant pushback and hurdles in their filings, sometimes frequent denials. These denials often lead to injured people giving up on the pursuit of compensation.

However, we have extensive experience in workers’ compensation filings. We help our clients through the entire process by:

  • Explaining their rights and restrictions under Tennessee law
  • Properly filling out and filing paperwork within the necessary deadlines
  • Managing the case and advocating for them in appeals after denials

Our goal in every filing is to ensure our client receives the care and compensation they need. We take as much stress and complication out of the process as possible.

Work Injuries Happen In Every Industry

Often a work injury comes as part of some accident, which can be in any workplace. However, just as frequently, people suffer from repetitive motion injuries, which can be from heavy labor or simply frequent typing. No matter what industry you are in, from construction workers to firefighters to office work, if your pain comes from activities at work, there is a strong chance you qualify for workers’ compensation.

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