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3 signs of age discrimination to watch for

Baby boomers and many older workers in the Nashville area experience age discrimination at work and do not realize it, especially in the tech sector. Thanks to the passage of the Age Discrimination Employment Act in 1967, employers cannot lawfully use age to discriminate against workers. 

Proving bias in the workplace, especially when you think age is a factor, is not easy. The fear of retaliation and a lack of awareness are major contributing factors for why many victims 40 years old and older stay quiet. Workers of any age can report their employers for unlawfully targeting protected class individuals over others. Here are a few common signs of age discrimination on the job. 

Police-involved shooting may result in wrongful death lawsuit

The job of a policeman can be difficult in Tennessee and elsewhere in the country. It can be dangerous and an officer never knows from one call to the next when one may be confronted with a life-or-death situation. One recent incident in Memphis ended in the death of a black man who was wanted in connection with an alleged shooting. The man's death could result in a wrongful death civil lawsuit.

On a recent Wednesday evening, officers presented felony warrants at a home in Frayser. A man was seen getting into a car after which he reportedly rammed a police vehicle. He then allegedly exited the vehicle holding a weapon at which point the officers opened fire.

Twins killed in daycare pool, wrongful death lawsuit filed

One of the biggest challenges working parents face in Tennessee and all over the country is finding trusted and affordable childcare. Parents entrust the most important people in their lives, their children, to the care of people they believe to be loving, caring and capable of safeguarding their loved ones during the workday. A tragic event in a home where children were being cared for resulted in a civil lawsuit for wrongful death.

The two children were being cared for in an unlicensed daycare facility that had a swimming pool. The woman in charge of the children left the 2-year-old twins alone for a short period of time. But it was long enough for them to navigate their way outside, onto the deck and through the gate to the swimming pool. The caregiver found them unresponsive in the deep end of the pool.

Disease sparked by coal dust results in wrongful death suit

It is widely understood that working in coal mines can be dangerous to one's health. Now, it is coming to light that the cleanup of unhealthy coal sites may also be hazardous to workers' health in Tennessee. Coal ash is a by-product of burning coal to generate electricity. A recent spill and its subsequent cleanup have resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit being brought against the company responsible for the cleanup effort.

Coal ash contains silica quartz dust in a very concentrated form. The dust is the component that is believed to cause pneumoconiosis, better known as black lung disease. The firm responsible for the ash spill cleanup said testing at the site revealed that their workers were not exposed to high levels of quartz dust.

Car accidents can strike anytime

People go about their lives in Tennessee not giving much thought about what minute may be their last. Getting in and out of cabs driven by people trying to make a living is something people do every day. In the Chelsea section of Memphis, a crash took the life of one person and seriously injured two others. Chelsea has been the location of many serious car accidents in the past.

A cab was driving near Chelsea Avenue when it was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle. The oncoming vehicle crossed the center line for an unknown reason and crashed into the cab. The driver of the cab was pronounced dead at the scene. The cab's passenger, a pregnant woman, and the driver of the other car were both transported to the hospital in critical condition. They are expected to recover, but the condition of the unborn child was not known.

The importance of taking photos after a car accident

A lot will race through your mind after experiencing a car accident. You may need to go directly to the hospital, which is what happened to four individuals who were in a three-vehicle crash on I-65 on May 19th. 

You should see a doctor right away, but you also want to think about your future claim. You may need to take another driver to court to try to recover damages, and that will require having evidence of the scene. Eyewitness testimony and video footage can help, but those may not always be readily available. If possible, you want to take pictures of the auto accident to show to your insurance adjuster and lawyer later. 

Pregnancy remains a serious issue in employment law

A recent report on the state of life in Tennessee emphasized the need to recognize and provide for the needs of working mothers. Nearly 55% of adult women in Tennessee are currently working or seeking employment. While workplace discrimination against women is prohibited by federal employment law, Tennessee comes up short in providing accommodations for working mothers.

Inadequacies that the report cited included lack of paid leave, lack of pregnancy accommodations in the workplace and lack of affordable childcare. These factors may serve as a deterrent to women who might otherwise join the workforce, or return to work, following a pregnancy. The report showed that Tennessee might add as much as $34 billion to its GDP by 2025 if more women enter the workforce.

Nursing home neglect can lead to wrongful death claim

Caring for aging parents is one of the most challenging tasks that many adults face. They care for parents at home for as long as they can but as parents age and develop maladies, such as Alzheimer's, skilled care may be required. In one such instance in Tennessee a woman lost her mother because of what she believes was neglect and is suing the facility for wrongful death.

The woman's mother was a resident at an assisted care facility and was suffering from Alzheimer's. She was confined to a wheelchair but was still alert and was described as a person who loved to make people laugh and who was still full of life. And then she suffered a nasty fall.

Online purchases can yield dangerous products

It seems that the entire world is battery operated these days. Laptop computers, cell phones, electric vehicles and any number of other items in Tennessee such as hoverboards and scooters are all powered by batteries. Most of these items run on what are believed to be efficient and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Many of these are purchased on Amazon, and the safety and quality of the battery being sold may be in doubt. The batteries purchased may indeed be dangerous products.

A graduate student in New York ordered a replacement battery for his laptop when his laptop stopped working. While working on the laptop one evening, the battery exploded like a gunshot and sent pieces flying around the room. The laptop caught fire, destroying the man's couch and hardwood floors. Leaking battery acid caused the student to be treated for first degree burns. The battery that appeared to cause the problem was purchased from Amazon.

Car accidents involving pedestrians are often fatal

On a warm spring evening in Tennessee, it is common to see people out enjoying the weather. This may include those who run or jog in the cool evening to avoid the midday heat. Unfortunately, a distracted or impaired driver may not notice someone on the shoulder of the road. Car accidents involving pedestrians can result in catastrophic, even deadly injuries.

A family is grieving the death of a 29-year-old man who encountered an allegedly impaired driver during a typical evening run. The man, who was a father and a veteran medic in the National Guard, spent many evenings jogging on the wide shoulder of the rural highway. Unfortunately, one recent evening, the man was struck by what police say was a hit-and-run driver.

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