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Lack of caution can result in fatal truck accidents

Truck traffic on Tennessee highways is ever increasing. Just as cars can break down, so can trucks. When a car or truck is broken down on the side of the road, especially after dark, the safest option is for drivers to move over to the left lane or, failing that, to slow down as they pass the stopped vehicle. In particular, a person needs to be alert for people moving around the disabled vehicle as visibility, particularly with semi-trucks, can be impaired. Failure to exercise care can result in serious truck accidents.

On a recent evening, a semi broke down on I-24 near Nashville. The driver and a mechanic were working on the rig, and there was another truck nearby. The driver of that truck said he was on a mandatory break. The driver of the disabled truck went to a nearby location to buy a snack.

Use of potentially dangerous products increasing in schools

Vaping is on the rise in many Tennessee middle and high schools. There is a state law prohibiting the use or possession of such products on school grounds, but one month into the new school year 342 students in East Tennessee have been caught vaping or in possession of vaping related items. With the significant increase in reported lung ailments that appear to be connected to vaping, it is not a stretch to identify the items as being potentially dangerous products.

Police officers who work in the schools, also known as resource officers, are doing their best to combat what is considered to be a growing epidemic. It is illegal for children under 18 to vape, but the officers are more interested in educating kids regarding the dangers of vaping rather than seeking their incarceration. The vapers may face fines that can range from $10 to $50 and, in addition, may have to appear before a judge.

Counterfeit vaping ingredients linked to dangerous products

Vaping is not a new occurrence in Tennessee or the United States. This summer, a new phenomena around vaping became apparent with the outbreak of lung ailments that quickly become serious and life threatening. There have been at least seven recent deaths linked to vaping, and many suspect that the dangerous products responsible for the outbreak may be counterfeit vaping pods containing cannabis oil.

Counterfeit packaging can be almost identical to the packaging of legitimate products containing cannabis ingredients. The issue is that the counterfeits may also contain undisclosed ingredients that could be very harmful. These products are reportedly being sold on rogue websites and are also available at some unlicensed dispensaries and even via some delivery services.

Car accidents involving children are heartbreaking

The amount of traffic on Tennessee roadways and around the country continues to increase every year. With the increase in traffic the likelihood of being involved in an accident also increases. Some car accidents are fender benders that do minimal damage but others result in tragic death and serious injury. One such accident recently happened in Mascot.

A car was traveling along Mascot Road and entered the intersection of Immel Mine Road where it was struck by another vehicle. The impact caused immense damage to both vehicles and their occupants. There were three occupants in the first vehicle, two adults and a child. The two adults were pronounced dead at the scene.

University researchers study concussions, seeking answers

A concussion can occur in many different ways, but one of the most common causes is a vehicle crash.

Researchers at the University of Tennessee want more answers about concussions and their effects on the human body, so they can develop a more effective treatment for adverse consequences.

Striving to keep road workers safe from truck accidents

City workers who strive to keep streets in good shape and preserve the infrastructure are vital employees to preserving people's ability to maneuver around towns in Tennessee and go about their daily lives. When road work is being done, there are typically a plethora of orange cones, flags, signs and visible workmen advising everyone that road work is in progress. Sadly, it is not always enough to protect the lives of the workers, and truck accidents contribute to the number of serious accidents that occur every year.

A city worker was on duty one recent morning when a tractor trailer made a turn onto the street where the gentleman was working. The truck struck a worker and did not stop. The man who was struck was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wrongful death lawsuit brought in mass shooting case

Mass shootings have become an all too common occurrence in many states around the nation. The challenges faced by medical staff in the face of multiple trauma injuries can be significant. A mass shooting at a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit being filed against a hospital in the wake of the death of one of the shooting victims.

The young man, whose death is cited in the suit, was one of four people who died as a result of the shooting at the restaurant. In the wake of the shooting, the victims were rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Upon arrival, they were treated by the medical center's trauma team.

Truck accidents continue to be a threat on crowded roadways

Trucks provide a huge benefit to all of the citizens of Tennessee and around the nation as they transport goods to stores to help stock shelves and provide inventory for purchase that all combine to keep the economy trucking along. Trucks are also very large and can pose a serious threat on the nation's highways. These threats can result in horrific truck accidents.

One such accident occurred recently in Dickson County. A truck that was hauling ice cream was heading west when the rig experienced a tire blowout. The blowout caused the truck driver to lose control and veer across the yellow line. He collided head-on with an east-bound car. The collision caused both vehicles to flip, and they stopped upside down and were both engulfed in flames.

Miracle Solution may be one of marketed dangerous products

Americans are ever on the lookout for products calling themselves natural remedies, miracle cures and so on. A recent product, marketed under the brand name Miracle Mineral Solution or Miracle Mineral Supplement, has not been approved by the FDA, and it now appears that the product can turn into a bleach-like substance that has apparently caused serious and possibly life-threatening illness in those who have taken it. This has resulted in dangerous products designations, and people in Tennessee should exercise caution regarding them.

When the FDA approves an item for human consumption, the agency goes through a rigorous process to help ensure that the product is safe. The instructions for use of the mineral solution direct the consumer to mix the liquid with a citric acid. Popular sources of citric acid are found in lemons and limes. When citric acid is mixed the mineral solution, it can create chlorine dioxide, which is a powerful bleaching agent.

Reminding your teenage driver to stay safe on the road

The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are often the deadliest for teenage drivers. Statistics indicate that after the summer draws to a close, fatal accidents involving young motorists tend to decrease. While this happens for a number of reasons, driving hazards never really go away completely. 

According to mental health experts, the human brain continues to grow and develop during adolescence. While your teenage driver is likely turning into a responsible adult, brain growth can make adolescents forgetful. Accordingly, you may want to regularly remind the young driver in your family about staying safe on the road. Here are some tips: 

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