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Tennessee owns a high ranking in car crash fatalities

Tennessee is well known for many things: the Great Smoky Mountains, the Grand Ole Opry, Graceland, Davy Crockett and Dolly Parton, among others. Unfortunately, it is also notable for car crash fatalities.

In the Volunteer State, there are several reasons for devastating traffic accidents, which account for its high ranking in US. highway deaths.

Car accidents: Negligent drivers can put children at risk

It may be tempting to ignore yellow or red lights when the roadway seems empty or one is in a hurry. The placing of traffic lights and the responsibility to heed traffic laws helps to ensure that all drivers are safe and arrive at their intended destinations without becoming involved in car accidents. Ignoring posted speed limits and traffic signals can have serious of even fatal repercussions, as one young man from Tennessee recently learned.

The man was heading westbound on a busy road. He apparently ignored a red light and proceeded through the intersection, where he struck another vehicle. The collision resulted in serious injury for the other driver and a toddler passenger.

Tennessee car accidents increase with speed and complacency

Many Tennessee roadways consist of curves and turns that require a decrease of speed and the use of caution. Some motorists become complacent when traveling familiar routes, which can lead to an increase in speed and an increased likelihood of car accidents. A local woman may be facing criminal charges after killing one and injuring another in head-on collision.

The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. The woman was driving a minivan when she swerved into oncoming traffic while navigating a curve in the road and struck another vehicle. The force of the impact caused the car, driven by a 26-year-old male, to turn and strike another vehicle.

Popular supplement makes the dangerous products list

Supplements are the way most Americans can satisfy the lack of nutritional value in the typical diet. Vitamins and supplemental protocol have a long list of dietary aids that help assist in many areas of deficit in one' diet. Some advocates also claim the healing benefits of an herbal or supplemental regime in curing or easing symptoms of certain illnesses. What some Tennessee alternative medicine proponents may not realize is that many of these supplements can interfere with western medicine, and some supplements are considered dangerous products by the Food and Drug Administration.

A recent addition to the dangerous products list that is issued by the FDA is Kratom, which can seriously harm or kill those who consume it. Kratom, which is considered a psychoactive drug, is taken from a plant that is associated with the coffee family and has been linked to a recent outbreak of salmonella poisoning across the country. The supplement is said to heighten strength and create feelings of a high that can often help those who live in constant pain. Advocates claim that the supplement can also help to treat opioid addiction.

Using social media to fire employees could violate employment law

With the increased access to social media platforms, it has come as no surprise that many employees are learning about the loss of a job from their mobile apps rather than from their employers. In Tennessee, one woman learned through the co-worker grapevine that she had lost her job, but she did not receive verbal confirmation from her former employer. Employment law stipulates how the release from one's job duties is to be carried out, and the use of social media platforms is not the way to go.

By allowing social media to be the sole means used to let an employee know his or her services are no longer needed, it can leave employers and organizations open to a wrongful termination civil suit. One man states that his company would announce layoffs over the intercom system. He claimed this led to a decline in productivity and a negative workplace environment.

Is reverse racism causing a hostile workplace environment?

Are you becoming increasingly uncomfortable at your place of work because of racial slurs against you? Everyone is born with different skin colors: Yours happens to be white.

A black co-worker has begun making fun of your “whiteness.” Given the times we live in, you are afraid this might turn into outright hostility. Even now, you find the joking offensive and you no longer enjoy coming to work.

Husband guilty of vehicular homicide files wrongful death claim

Tennessee law stipulates who can file specific civil claims should the unfortunate circumstances present themselves. What is not known to most is the instance in which a spouse has the legal authority to file a wrongful death claim, even when the spouse filing that claim may be at fault for the death. A spouse's claim would negate any other wrongful death claims presented.

A wife and mother died in a multi-car accident where she was the passenger in her husband's vehicle. The accident ultimately resulted in the woman's husband being charged with vehicular homicide. The deceased woman's daughter then filed a wrongful death claim against the husband and another driver involved in the incident.

Truck accidents: Man faces charges after fatal crash kills six

Tractor-trailers can be seen moving along Tennessee roadways daily. The transportation of goods helps keep the American economy moving, and trucks are vital tools in this process. However, operating a large commercial vehicle takes diligence and a sense of caution to help these drivers avoid truck accidents. When an truck driver throws responsibility to the wind and decides to get behind the wheel while under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol, the aftermath can be devastating.

A driver of a tractor-trailer has been recently sentenced to 55 years behind bars after a jury found him guilty of vehicular manslaughter and assault. The 42-year-old driver was heading north when he ran into several cars. The initial incident started a chain reaction that closed the northbound lanes for almost 12 hours.

Tennessee man formally charged in deadly car accident

Whether out driving Tennessee roads for personal or work-related errands, operating a motor vehicle can be dangerous task. Conditions of the roadways, weather and other drivers factor in to make sitting behind the wheel of a car a dangerous or deadly place to be. Should a motorist engage in erratic, careless or negligent behavior while operating a vehicle, others on the roads could be at a great risk. A Tennessee musician has been charged in a deadly car accident that took the life of a cab driver.

The incident occurred in October of last year. The 55-year-old cab driver was sitting a stop light when he was rear-ended. Authorities say that the 30-year-old driver of the van that struck the cab was operating his vehicle recklessly.

Tennessee man faces charges after causing multiple car accidents

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances is a risky and often deadly decision. Intoxicated drivers are not as cognizant, and reflexes can be slowed or impaired. Car accidents that result from DUIs do not necessarily injure or kill the driver responsible, but those who are unfortunate enough to be in or near the road at the same time could be. A Tennessee man stands accused of driving while under the influence after causing multiple car accidents, including a hit and run, that left one victim dead.

A 39-year-old male has been accused of causing an accident involving four other vehicles, including a possible hit-and-run. The man first struck another vehicle and then apparently fled the scene. Police say he then proceeded to head toward a busy intersection. Witnesses of the second accident say it occurred at the intersection when the allegedly intoxicated man veered into oncoming traffic and then overcorrected back into the northbound lanes and struck four vehicles.

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