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Employment law can help protect new mothers

Balancing work and motherhood is an ongoing battle for many American women. Many women have to work to support their families and so return to work in Tennessee as soon as they are physically able. In a recent case in another state a woman is suing her employer for failing to accommodate her needs as a nursing mother. Recent changes in employment law can further protect nursing mothers.

The woman was hired as an assistant manager at a KFC a few months after she gave birth. She informed the company that she had an infant and was nursing and was informed that the job would not interfere with her needs to nurse her baby. However she was soon scheduled to work a 10 hour shift with only one break, which did not allow adequate time for expressing milk.

Are you suffering from PTSD after a car accident?

Car accidents are traumatic experiences. Not only can they cause severe physical injuries, but they can take a toll on your emotions as well. You may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following a motor vehicle collision.

If you think you may have PTSD from your car crash, you should talk to your doctor or therapist about it. Below are some symptoms of PTSD, treatment methods and how you may get compensation for emotional suffering. 

Flawed construction leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Moving into a brand new house is an exciting time for a family. It is often viewed with great anticipation and excitement of new beginnings and new adventures to come. One would not anticipate being involved in a wrongful death lawsuit against the builder less than a year after moving into a new home in Tennessee.

A family in Christiana lost a wife and mother in a tornado that struck the area in 2018. The tornado was an EF-2 with winds up to 135 mph. The storm caused the house to be uprooted from its foundation and tossed 100 feet away. A mother and her child were home at the time of the storm. The mother died as a result of the storm but her daughter was able to escape.

Truck accidents can cause the life of a good Samaritan

Traffic fatalities are a sad reality in Tennessee. Many of these tragedies could possibly be avoided if the numerous distractions available to today's drivers were ignored. Such distractions as cellphones, food or fatigue can divert the attention of a driver for an instant, which can be all that is needed for truck accidents to happen.

Recently, a car with a flat tire was pulled off to the side of the road along Mooresville Highway. Three pedestrians came upon the scene and offered their assistance. While they were endeavoring to change the tire, a dump truck traveling east veered onto the side of the road, striking the three pedestrians who had offered to help.

Car accident may have been caused by driver that fled the scene

When a car accident involves multiple victims, it only seems to amplify the hardship. If someone flees the scene of the crash, it may leave victims angry and unsure of how to proceed. Though the justice system exists to ensure that any criminal behavior is punished, if a perpetrator cannot be found, it does not always result in the outcome desired by the victims. A recent car accident here in Tennessee has left many people with questions because the driver at fault, so law enforcement says, did not stay on the scene.

The crash happened on a recent afternoon when one driver allegedly pulled out of a parking lot without yielding to oncoming traffic. A driver in a Mustang attempted to brake and was struck from behind by a Kia, whose driver, authorities say, was not maintaining a safe distance between the two cars. The Mustang then hit a Hyundai after it was pushed into traffic by the Kia. The Hyundai then struck the side of another Kia that was waiting at a stop sign.

E-cigarettes are considered to be dangerous products

Smoking rates among teens have been falling for several years in Tennessee and around the nation. The concern over teen smoking was replaced by increased drug use by teens. While that is certainly still a concern, more dangerous products have entered the landscape, and their use is spreading rapidly. The substance used is nicotine in a different form.

Commonly known as e-cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) are being widely used among teens in middle school and high school. They are battery-operated devices that deliver nicotine via vapor or steam instead of smoke, as is the method of cigarettes. The ENDS come in many shapes and sizes. The smallest of these are JUULs, which are about the same size as a thumb drive and are easily concealable because they are small and give off little or no steam or vapor.

Common ways drivers become distracted behind the wheel

Car accidents can result in significant injuries. In July of last year, a driver crashed into a medical clinic, leaving several people with injuries. 

A common explanation for why car accidents occur is that the driver became distracted while operating the vehicle. A driver who takes his or her eyes off the road for even two seconds can cause a disaster. There are numerous distractions inside any car, such as notifications from a smartphone. Here are other ways drivers can become distracted. 

ENDS are widely believed to be dangerous products

It is widely understood in Tennessee and elsewhere that smoking cigarettes is harmful to one's health. And while smoking tobacco products has declined across the general population in recent years, a new trend is causing concern regarding increased nicotine dependency, particularly in young people. The use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) is on the rise among middle and high school students, and they are considered dangerous products. The most popular forms of ENDS are known as vapes and JUULs. JUUls  in particular are a concern because they are very small, about the size of a thumb drive, and produce little steam making them easy to conceal, even in the classroom.

ENDS were initially promoted as a tool to help one quit smoking and were considered safer than cigarettes. However, people using ENDS frequently continue to smoke cigarettes. ENDS contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Nicotine has been shown to be dangerous to young developing brains. As a result of recent studies, it is believed that young people who use JUUL products run a greater risk of becoming future smokers than young people who abstain from them.

A new year may not mean fewer car accidents

A new year has begun in Tennessee with yet another fatal car crash. A new year frequently begins with the hope that the new year will be better than the old year. Where car accidents are concerned, that hope may go unfulfilled. Roadways continue to get more crowded, and the increased number of vehicles leads to an increase in the likelihood of a serious accident.

A man was driving north on Chapman Highway in Knoxville when his vehicle swerved and entered the southbound lane. The pickup truck collided with a compact car that was heading south. The impact caused a chain reaction crash involving two other vehicles.

Negligent drivers have potential to cause serious car accidents

Roadways in Tennessee, as in other parts of the country, have become increasingly congested as the number of vehicles on the roadways continues to increase. While the vast majority of drivers are careful and attentive, there is an ever-present possibility that a driver may be distracted, under the influence or diving recklessly. Any of these situations have the potential to cause serious car accidents.

A recent accident in Knoxville caused the death of a young man and injuries to his female passenger. A pickup truck was heading north on Chapman Highway when it veered into the south side of the highway. It then collided with a smaller car and hit other cars in the area.

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