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Ambulance speed a possible factor in wrongful death suit

An ambulance is used to transport someone in need of medical assistance to a hospital or other healthcare facility in Tennessee. They are used to provide safe and fast transport in cases of emergency. While fast is a priority, the focus should always be on safety. Ambulance safety is the focus of a recent wrongful death suit in Nashville.

A woman was being transported via ambulance from Jackson to Nashville. The ambulance was a private one operated by West Tennessee Healthcare, Inc. The ambulance was travelling east on I-40 when the driver lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a rock wall. The patient and medic, who were in the treatment area of the ambulance, were ejected from the vehicle. They were both transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where they both died as a result of their injuries.

Wrong medication could result in tragic wrongful death

When a person in Tennessee goes to a hospital for tests, one expects all appropriate precautions will be taken regarding tests and medications that may be administered. In a recent tragic episode at Vanderbilt University Medical Center this did not happen. As a result, the facility could face a wrongful death lawsuit.

About a year ago, a patient was admitted to VUMC complaining of headaches, vision loss and other symptoms. She stated that she was severely claustrophobic. A nurse was asked to provide the patient with a 2 mg dose of Versed, a medication that reduces anxiety, before a PET scan was administered. What the nurse administered was not Versed.

Waffles, death and a wrongful death suit

Waffles are a wonderful food and Waffle Houses have become popular destinations for Americans to satisfy their waffle cravings. Tennessee is no exception to the American love affair with this popular breakfast staple. Sadly, a mass shooting last April may have tainted the experience for some Nashville residents. A judge recently ruled that a mother of one of the victims could sue the defendant for wrongful death.

The defendant entered the restaurant and opened fire using an AR-15 style rifle. Four people were killed in the shooting. The mother of one of the victims has brought a $100 million civil suit against the alleged shooter. A court order found that the man is civilly liable and as a result the judge ruled that a civil trial should be scheduled to establish possible damages. The criminal case is ongoing.

Crash avoidance, a rear-end collision and your head injury

Rear-end collisions are among the most common kinds of vehicle accidents. They usually appear to be minor crashes, and yet they can cause severe injuries, including TBI.

One specific crash avoidance feature may help you avoid a head injury if installed on the car rapidly approaching your rear bumper.

Thanksgiving, turkey and dangerous products

Thanksgiving is upon us and so turkey consumption is way up in Tennessee. This does not make this the ideal time for a large recall of turkey products, but Jennie-O has announced a recall of as many as 91,000 pounds of ground turkey because of a salmonella outbreak. While salmonella poisoning may be prevented by proper cooking and handling of raw poultry, the outbreak has nonetheless created dangerous products.

Jennie-O products are distributed nationwide. Of concern are the one pound packages of ground turkey that were produced on Sept. 11, 2018. The packages all bear the number P-190 inside of the USDA inspection mark. Any suspect packages should be returned to the point of purchase.

Holidays are a less than ideal time for dangerous products

The holidays are upon us, and that means that home bakers are, or soon will be, baking cakes and cookies to share with family and friends. Many recipes start with pre-packaged cake mix as an ingredient. Duncan Hines, a popular brand, is currently the subject of a voluntary product recall. Dangerous products are subject to recall, and a number of Duncan Hines cake mixes are suspected as being the source of a salmonella outbreak. The cake mixes are distributed all over the country, including Tennessee.

The kinds of cake mix in the recall include Classic White, Classic Butter Golden, Signature Confetti and Classic Yellow. There have been five reported cases of salmonella, and these are being researched by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). While the research has not yet established a definite link between the cake mix and the outbreak, people affected reported eating the cakes prior to becoming ill.

Veterans Affairs Hospital sued for wrongful death

The Veterans Affairs has come under fire lately for quality of care issues in VA hospitals. While improvements have been made, there are still serious issues concerning quality of care. One of these resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit against a Tennessee VA hospital.

A young veteran died just nine months following an honorable discharge that came about because of a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. While in the VA Hospital in Nashville, the doctors prescribed a medication called azathioprine. It is a medication that can decrease white blood cell and platelet counts. The vet suffered from a pre-existing condition that suppressed his immune system, putting him at risk of harm from reduced white cell counts.

Employment law does not apply to all

Most workers in Tennessee and around the country are protected from workplace discrimination issues such as age, race religion and gender. However, there is a large group of workers who are not protected by employment law. That group is made up of the independent contractors, freelance workers and other contract workers who makeup an estimated 15 to 30 percent of the American workforce.

Many people nearing or at retirement age go into work as part-time freelance or contract workers. A man in another state who had a long and successful career as a Human Resources executive signed on with his old company to teach employee training courses. He received positive evaluations from his students and was looking forward to increasing his class load. He was informed that his services were no longer needed.

Dietary supplements can be dangerous products

It is probably safe to say that the medicine chests in many houses in Tennessee contain at least one bottle of dietary supplements. This may include calcium, fish oil or one of the many products that promise weight loss without food restrictions. Many choose these supplements because the manufacturers promote them as a more natural alternative to chemical prescriptions, and consumers often believe this makes them a safer choice. However, many of these supplements are dangerous products.

In fact, some studies show that each year, dietary supplements result in about 23,000 trips to the emergency room and over 2,000 patients admitted for treatment at hospitals across the country. This is partially because some supplements are tainted with harmful ingredients or contain unlabeled ingredients that could cause dangerous reactions when taken with certain other medications. A 10-year study showed that almost 750 supplements contained ingredients that were not approved for pharmaceutical use.

3 car accident myths drivers in Tennessee still believe

Accidents happen every day in Tennessee. An interactive map on the Tennessee Highway Safety Office site allows you to see where all substantial crashes have occurred throughout the state in 2018, with many of them having taken place around Nashville and Memphis. 

No matter where in Tennessee your car accident took place, you need to take prompt action. Unfortunately, many drivers compromise their claims by doing the wrong thing. Fewer mistakes would occur if people knew what was fact and fiction, so here are some of the most common myths drivers around Tennessee tend to believe. 

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