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Dietary supplements can be dangerous products

It is probably safe to say that the medicine chests in many houses in Tennessee contain at least one bottle of dietary supplements. This may include calcium, fish oil or one of the many products that promise weight loss without food restrictions. Many choose these supplements because the manufacturers promote them as a more natural alternative to chemical prescriptions, and consumers often believe this makes them a safer choice. However, many of these supplements are dangerous products.

In fact, some studies show that each year, dietary supplements result in about 23,000 trips to the emergency room and over 2,000 patients admitted for treatment at hospitals across the country. This is partially because some supplements are tainted with harmful ingredients or contain unlabeled ingredients that could cause dangerous reactions when taken with certain other medications. A 10-year study showed that almost 750 supplements contained ingredients that were not approved for pharmaceutical use.

3 car accident myths drivers in Tennessee still believe

Accidents happen every day in Tennessee. An interactive map on the Tennessee Highway Safety Office site allows you to see where all substantial crashes have occurred throughout the state in 2018, with many of them having taken place around Nashville and Memphis. 

No matter where in Tennessee your car accident took place, you need to take prompt action. Unfortunately, many drivers compromise their claims by doing the wrong thing. Fewer mistakes would occur if people knew what was fact and fiction, so here are some of the most common myths drivers around Tennessee tend to believe. 

Car accidents involving motorcycles hard to anticipate

Traffic accidents can happen anywhere at any time in Tennessee. With so much more traffic on the roads it can be more difficult to anticipate every eventuality. Any car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, but car accidents involving motorcycles can be almost impossible to anticipate as motorcycles are sometimes difficult to see.

A motorcycle was involved in a fatal car crash on a recent Friday evening near Knoxville. The accident occurred at Washington Pike and McCampbell Drive. The motorcyclist, on a Harley-Davidson, was traveling along the road when a Nissan Altima made a left turn in front of him. The bike collided with the car.

Listeria may be the cause of dangerous products

In Tennessee and elsewhere, the assumption is that food for sale on store shelves is safe to eat. No one wants to worry about the possibility of it being contaminated with listeria. Shoppers might double check a sell by or use by date, but beyond that people tend to trust the safety of our food supply. Unfortunately, dangerous products can come in all shapes and sizes, including food items.

Johnston County Hams announced a recall of ham possibly contaminated with listeria. The recall, consisting of 89,000 pounds of meat, was the result of a possible connection to an outbreak of listeriosis. The connection was made after a person reported getting sick shortly after eating the ham.

Employment law does not allow for age discrimination

Americans are staying healthier longer in Tennessee, and some are choosing to work longer. Some people may wish to return to work when children leave home or simply to bring in some extra money, or even to avoid being bored. Whatever the reason, employers cannot refuse to hire a qualified applicant because of one's age. Employment law prohibits such discrimination.

A Dairy Queen restaurant in Nashville is being sued for age discrimination. According to the lawsuit brought by U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, the restaurant refused to hire anyone over 40. The suit came about because a 60-year-old woman was told she was a good fit for the position but then was turned down for the job.

Fatal car accidents may be caused by an impaired driver

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Tennessee can be hazardous to the driver and to other drivers on the road. Car accidents can happen at any time, but when a driver is impaired, the likelihood of an accident rises dramatically. A serious accident took place on a recent Saturday night in Nashville.

A woman was driving a Honda Element on Old Hickory Boulevard near 28th Street when a Cadillac Escalade crossed into oncoming traffic. The Cadillac struck the Honda head-on. The woman driving the Honda died at the scene. The driver of the Cadillac was taken to TriStar Skyline Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Avoid these two distractions when driving

Distracted driving kills. Not only does it take lives, but it also irrevocably changes them. There are thousands of car accidents in the Lawrenceburg area every day. Distractions are any thought, conversation and activity that keep the focus off the task of driving. You might have a tendency to send and read texts while you operate your vehicle. Though you have gotten away with it before, each incident increases the potential of you becoming a car crash victim.

Texting is one of many types of distractions that drivers fall prey to. Eating, personal grooming and interacting with backseat passengers are other kinds of driving distractions that also lead to accidents, injuries and death. To lower the chances of you hitting someone or being hit by a car or truck, check out the following distractions to avoid when on the road.

Car accidents can detour the start of a work week

On Monday mornings, people leave their homes in Tennessee to begin a new work week. Some may be thinking about upcoming meetings or other events as they sit at a traffic light. Though that is how the day started for 14 commuters in the vicinity of Stateline Road and Germantown Road, their mornings were interrupted by multi-vehicle car accidents that resulted in a fatality.

The chain-reaction crash may have been started by a truck that failed to stop for the red light. One witness said that he was first in line at the intersection and was stopped at the light when he was struck from behind and forced into the middle of the intersection. Fourteen vehicles were reportedly involved in the crash.

Horrific crash ends in a wrongful death suit

There are more vehicles on the roads in Tennessee every year. With the increase in traffic comes an increased risk of serious car accidents. A horrific crash in another state resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit against a trucking company and the driver of the truck that was involved in the crash.

A man was driving a Nissan Sentra and had a passenger in his car. The car slowed, along with other traffic, because they were entering a construction zone. A few moments later, a Dodge Ram 3500 towing a 20,000-pound piece of oilfield machinery slammed into the back of the Nissan. The truck hit the Nissan with such force that it ended up on the roof of the car. The collision caused both vehicles to catch fire, killing both of the occupants of the Nissan.

Lost surgical needle results in a wrongful death case

Surgeons are held in high esteem by the medical community and by their patients. They are trusted to perform life-saving and life-threatening procedures and literally can hold a patient's life in their hands. Surgeries are performed many times a day in Tennessee and the majority of them have successful outcomes. However, not all patients survive, and on occasion a patient's death may be due to an error that occurred during a procedure. These errors can result in cases of wrongful death.

A patient from Lafayette recently passed away following surgery for a heart condition. A surgical needle had been left in the patient. A subsequent surgery to retrieve the needle was not successful as the needle could not be removed. It is unclear if it was not found or was found but was not removable. The patient remained in the hospital and died about a month after the initial surgery.

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