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Interstate car accidents occur all too often

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2017 | Car Accidents

The interstate highway system allows drivers to quickly travel from one place to another. Without the stop-and-go traffic that is common on most Tennessee roadways, drivers are able to reach their destinations with little need to slow down. However, this can all change when car accidents come into play.

Most individuals merge into traffic and continue along at a fairly continuous rate of speed until they reach their exit. Every once in a while, it will be necessary to switch lanes in order to pass a slower driver, but for the most part, traffic flows at a steady pace. Whenever one encounters a slowdown or halt in traffic, there is often a car accident ahead.

Due to the nature of the roadway, drivers must be vigilant when they decide to pass other vehicles. While traveling at a high rate of speed, one minor error in judgment can wreck havoc. Recently, one driver apparently misjudged his surroundings and collided with a vehicle that was parked and abandoned along the side of the interstate.

This collision with the parked vehicle caused the driver and his vehicle to veer back into the path of oncoming traffic. At this point, another vehicle hit the first one, and then a tractor-trailer became involved. All in all, the driver of the first vehicle was seriously injured and airlifted to a hospital. The driver of the oncoming vehicle was also injured and transported to a local hospital. Test results and charges are still pending in this case.

The driver of the oncoming vehicle was hurt due to the actions of another individual. In addition to medical expenses, the 64-year-old woman may also face other financial challenges due to lost wages and emotional trauma. While car accidents are common along Tennessee’s interstate system, their consequences for the individuals involved are unique. In a situation such as this one, experienced legal counsel can assist in determining the appropriate course of action.

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