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Car accidents can be the result of drag racing

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Car Accidents

One minute an individual is driving along a street, listening to the radio; the next minute that same individual is seriously injured due to the actions of another driver. Car accidents happen all too often throughout Tennessee. For one reason or another, traffic laws are ignored and the outcome is devastating.

Many times, a car will fly past, and one will wish that a police officer was nearby. It is apparent that the driver is speeding and driving in a careless manner. In spite of the fact that this driver’s actions has caused others to wish law enforcement would be available to take action, the apparent recklessness can easily cause harm to that driver and others.

It appears that several individuals recently decided to use a Tennessee roadway as a drag strip. As the two drivers were racing on the road, they came upon a stop sign. One of the cars did not stop prior to making a left hand turn. The two vehicles that were racing and a third vehicle crashed. The driver not involved in the race was critically injured and transported to a local hospital.

One of the racing drivers remained at the scene of the accident. However, the other racing driver sped off before police arrived. Tennessee law enforcement is now looking for this individual.

Whenever drivers do not follow traffic laws, they put themselves and the public at risk. Many times, car accidents are the inevitable result. When one is injured or a loved one is killed due to the negligent actions of another, the victim or his or her family may have recourse through Tennessee’s civil court system.

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