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Rules of the road followed to avoid auto-pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Many Tennessee residents decide to walk to their destination rather than drive. This is often done to promote good health and to enjoy the fresh air. A quick walk to the corner convenience store or friend’s home can be refreshing. Unfortunately, some of these walks end up resulting in auto-pedestrian accidents.

Drivers and pedestrians are both required to follow the rules of the road. There are laws in place that require drivers to pay attention to the road rather than their phones or other such distractions. Additionally, the speed at which a driver may travel along a particular road is limited. Finally, drivers are required to use turn signals to notify those around them of an upcoming change. All of these measures are in place to protect the driver and others who are also sharing the roadway.

Pedestrians also must use care when walking along a roadway. The pedestrian should use crosswalks when attempting to cross the street. If walk signs are available at intersections, these must also be obeyed. Finally, the pedestrian should use care in deciding to walk into a lane of traffic. Rather than run in front of oncoming traffic, the pedestrian should wait until traffic is clear and it appears to be safe to cross the road.

Some auto-pedestrian accidents are simply accidents. However, others are the result of one or more parties not following the rules of the road. When this happens and someone is injured or killed, there may be legal recourse available through the Tennessee court system.

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