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Compensations you can claim after a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024 | Car Accidents

Navigating the aftermath of a severe car accident can be a challenging experience, especially if the incident has left you coping with severe injuries and mounting financial pressures. As a victim, recognizing your rights and options for compensation can give you the significant boost you might need in your journey toward recovery.

Once proven guilty of negligence that caused a traffic collision, the at-fault driver will pay compensation for the damage you have endured. This may include economic and noneconomic damages or punitive damages in some cases.

Economic damages

Economic damages are your financial losses that are direct results of the accident. These damages, which include medical expenses, lost wages and property damage, are typically easier to quantify.

Car accidents could leave drivers grappling with overwhelming financial problems, particularly if the crash resulted in significant property damage and medical expenses. Keeping all records of all costs related to the accident, such as ambulance rides, hospitalization, loss of earning capacity and repair of private property, is crucial to securing compensation.

Noneconomic damages

Beyond visible injuries, car accidents can also inflict significant emotional and psychological trauma on those involved. If you are dealing with a whirlwind of emotions after a car wreck, you may also be eligible for compensation for noneconomic damages. These damages cover intangible losses that do not have a direct monetary impact but significantly affect your quality of life.

Punitive damages

Aside from compensatory damages, some cases may require a driver at fault to pay for punitive damages if they engaged in any reckless conduct that caused the collision. These damages are not tied to a victim’s direct losses but aim to deter the defendant from engaging in similar conduct.

Rebuilding your life after a traumatic car accident may seem like a long and difficult journey. However, as a victim, it is crucial to recognize your rights and options to secure the compensation you deserve.