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Decision to drive under influence can lead to car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Car Accidents

The decision to operate a motor vehicle on a Tennessee roadway carries with it a great responsibility. The driver is responsible for the safety of those in his vehicle as well as the safety of those around him. When the driver makes decisions that can have a negative impact on his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle, car accidents are often the end result.

Recently, one driver made the decision to get behind the wheel of a pickup truck while he was apparently influenced by drugs. It appears that this decision led to him crossing the center land and colliding with a Ford Explorer. This decision to drive with drugs in his system affected not only his ability to drive but the lives of his passengers and the lives of those in the other vehicle.

Reports indicate that three individuals were killed in this accident. Additionally, a 14-year-old passenger in the truck was injured. The apparently negligent driver has now been charged with vehicular homicide and DUI related to drug usage.

Every day, drivers make the decision that they are okay to driver. They have only had a couple of drinks or the drugs really don’t have that much of an effect on their driving skills. The majority of the time these drivers are making poor decisions that can have lasting effects on a number of lives.

Too many families across Tennessee have lost loved ones in car accidents as the result of someone who decided that it was okay to drive after drinking or taking drugs. Whenever another driver’s apparently negligent actions claim the life of or seriously injure a loved one, there may be legal recourse available through Tennessee’s court system. In addition to the emotional turmoil such an accident produces, there are likely a number of financial concerns as well.

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