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Popular supplement makes the dangerous products list

Supplements are the way most Americans can satisfy the lack of nutritional value in the typical diet. Vitamins and supplemental protocol have a long list of dietary aids that help assist in many areas of deficit in one' diet. Some advocates also claim the healing benefits of an herbal or supplemental regime in curing or easing symptoms of certain illnesses. What some Tennessee alternative medicine proponents may not realize is that many of these supplements can interfere with western medicine, and some supplements are considered dangerous products by the Food and Drug Administration.

Makeup marketed toward young girls includes dangerous products

Many women and young girls have a certain brand and favorite products when it comes to makeup. Tennessee consumers use these products, trusting that they are tested and found to be safe. Consumers also read labels to see what ingredients manufacturers use to develop their favorite products. Unfortunately, some products contain ingredients that are hazardous to human health and are consider dangerous products.

Popular toy makes the dangerous products list in Tennessee

Walking the isles in any Tennessee toy store, one can become overwhelmed with the thousands of neatly packaged toys awaiting purchase. What may be included in those eye-catching packages could be dangerous products that unsuspecting parents purchase for their children. Many of the recent wildly popular toys contain dangers that child safety advocates are raising concerns about.

A popular toy in Tennessee has made the dangerous products list

With the advancement of technology, some of the coolest and most innovative toys are constantly introduced to the consumer market. Robots that respond to commands and can clean a room along with hoover boards are the stuff movies were once made of but are now in use in many Tennessee homes. Recently, The Consumer Product Safety Commission listed seven hover board recalls, stating that these dangerous products have serious issues that can harm users, most of whom are children.

Cars can be dangerous products in Tennessee

Millions of products are placed on the market for Tennessee consumers to purchase and use on a daily basis. These sometimes-dangerous products often enjoy the trust and familiarity that a brand name provides. In the case of one automaker, the boasting of autonomous features on the self-proclaimed "safest car" may lead car shoppers into purchasing a possibly dangerous product.

Sunroofs make the list for dangerous products in Tennessee

When shopping for a new car in Tennessee, those in the market for a new vehicle may have an idea of the additional options that they would like to see in their new car. Heated seats, Bluetooth capabilities and a sunroof are some of the additional options that can make a car look nice and allow the driver a sense of comfort while operating the vehicle. But some of these additional options can be harmful or hazardous; in fact, one vehicle upgrade has fallen on at least one dangerous products list.

Lawsuit names guardrails as dangerous products

Anyone who has driven on the highways in the United States has likely seen guardrails. Many areas ultimately make the decision to install them to help protect drivers in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, the family of a man in Tennessee has recently filed a lawsuit against the makers and installers of the X-Light guardrail system, claiming that they are dangerous products.

Dangerous products include cheese infected with botulism

In most instances, a ready-made food product sold to customers at a gas station, for example, has passed through several hands before making its way to the consumer. As a result, the product could be contaminated during several different stages. Despite this, few people in Tennessee consider food items sold at gas stations to be dangerous products.

Dangerous products: Woman wins $110.5 million against company

Many people in this country have a certain routine when it comes to personal hygiene. For some in Tennessee, for example, this often means daily use of the same product or products. Consumers use the products, trusting that they are safe and that manufacturers will notify them if there is a risk associated with their use. Unfortunately, some companies fail to notify consumers when discoveries are made regarding dangerous products.

Study shows nursery products might not be as safe as we'd like to think

When expecting parents go online or to the local big box retailer to look at nursery products -- cribs, changing tables, baby carriers, walkers, bouncers etc. -- it's not uncommon for them to quickly become overwhelmed by the enormity of options. Indeed, it may become so exhausting that they simply pick the item with the most stars or the highest price tag.

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