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Counterfeit vaping ingredients linked to dangerous products

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Dangerous Products

Vaping is not a new occurrence in Tennessee or the United States. This summer, a new phenomena around vaping became apparent with the outbreak of lung ailments that quickly become serious and life threatening. There have been at least seven recent deaths linked to vaping, and many suspect that the dangerous products responsible for the outbreak may be counterfeit vaping pods containing cannabis oil.

Counterfeit packaging can be almost identical to the packaging of legitimate products containing cannabis ingredients. The issue is that the counterfeits may also contain undisclosed ingredients that could be very harmful. These products are reportedly being sold on rogue websites and are also available at some unlicensed dispensaries and even via some delivery services.

In addition to packaging, there is also a suspicion that some counterfeiters may be substituting synthetic marijuana for the natural substance. Because the problem is growing at an exponential rate, companies are taking extraordinary steps to try and prevent counterfeit products from being mistaken for legitimate products. One popular brand, Kingpen, is investing a significant amount of resources into redesigning their packaging in an attempt to eliminate the confusion. They are pulling a significant amount of inventory and spending millions to completely change the appearance of their product.

It can be difficult for consumers to distinguish between licensed and non-licensed facilities. This can add to the confusion of what are legitimate products vs. counterfeit dangerous products. A person in Tennessee who suspects he or she may have been sickened after using a vaping device may wish to consult with a professional well-versed in personal injury law.