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More evidence that vaping may involve dangerous products

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Dangerous Products

The health risks of vaping and the increased use by teens has been in the news a lot lately. Validating the health concerns is a recent news story concerning several teens in two states who have recently been hospitalized with ailments believed to stem from vaping. This indicates that the products being ingested through vaping, namely juices that contain nicotine, could qualify as dangerous products in Tennessee and around the country.

In one state, 11 young people were admitted to hospitals with symptoms of severe lung disease. Doctors believed initially that they were dealing with infections as that diagnosis was supported by the symptoms they were seeing. All of the tests that were run to detect an infection came back negative. The teens were otherwise healthy and the only common denominator was that they all claimed to have engaged in vaping activity recently.

In another state, three teens were hospitalized with what was characterized as severe breathing problems after they too had been vaping. It is not known what specific products were involved. Some of the teens admitted for treatment needed assistance with breathing and were admitted to intensive care.

Vaping is catching on in Tennessee and around the country in epidemic proportions. It has the potential to threaten the health of a generation. Anyone who believes a loved one may have suffered negative health effects that can be connected to vaping may benefit from a consultation with a professional. A personal injury attorney can review one’s case and determine if a civil lawsuit based on dangerous products is a viable legal option.