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Are truck accidents becoming more common?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Truck Accidents

If you are a truck driver and travel through Tennessee, you know that there are certain risks you have to deal with. It will be up to you to do all that you can to keep yourself and other drivers on the road safe. It has been noted that accidents involving large commercial trucks are becoming more common. If you drive a truck, this is your chance to avoid the trend.

The stats you should be aware of

Truck accidents are a leading cause of death in Tennessee and the rest of the U.S. In fact, trucks have made up 10% of all vehicles involved in crashes in the past few years. This is one statistic that seems to show no sign of abating. it’s one of the leading reasons why many highway safety experts believe truck crashes are on the rise.

In 2019 alone, a total of 118,000 large trucks were involved in crashes that resulted in an injury. This was also the year that the total number of injuries due to commercial truck crashes increased by a total of 7%. The figure recorded for this year was 160,000. It should be noted that 64% of these accidents happened in the daytime.

The causes of accidents to look out for

There are a number of causes that may result in a fatal accident involving a large truck. A truck driver may be speeding due to being behind on a delivery. This can cause them to drive much less carefully.

A truck driver may be suffering from fatigue due to trying to take on too many jobs at once. This can result in them being slow to react to hazards on the road. Extreme caution is advised for drivers who are sharing the road with commercial trucks.