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Lack of caution can result in fatal truck accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Truck traffic on Tennessee highways is ever increasing. Just as cars can break down, so can trucks. When a car or truck is broken down on the side of the road, especially after dark, the safest option is for drivers to move over to the left lane or, failing that, to slow down as they pass the stopped vehicle. In particular, a person needs to be alert for people moving around the disabled vehicle as visibility, particularly with semi-trucks, can be impaired. Failure to exercise care can result in serious truck accidents.

On a recent evening, a semi broke down on I-24 near Nashville. The driver and a mechanic were working on the rig, and there was another truck nearby. The driver of that truck said he was on a mandatory break. The driver of the disabled truck went to a nearby location to buy a snack.

When the driver returned, he saw the other truck pulling away. He then found the mechanic had been struck and killed with his tools lying beside him. It is suspected that the other vehicle struck him as it was pulling away. Police surmise that the driver may not have been aware of the mechanic’s presence.

Visibility from a large truck can be difficult. Both the truck driver and other drivers on the road need to be constantly alert as to their surroundings and exercise appropriate caution. Failure to exercise appropriate precautions in Tennessee can result in serious truck accidents. Loss of life in such a tragedy cannot be replaced, but a consultation with a personal injury professional can apprise a client of what legal options may be available.