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The importance of looking both ways at an intersection

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2024 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents, Car Accidents

No matter how often we cross the street, the simple rule of looking both ways remains a lifesaver, especially at intersections. An intersection is an area where two or more roads meet, and traffic can flow in all directions. It is like a crossroads, but instead of just two roads, there are usually four or more roads coming together.

By looking left, right and left again before crossing, road users can avoid causing harm to others. It is a simple action that takes only a moment but could mean the difference when crossing an intersection.

What factors make intersections so dangerous?

According to a recent article, almost 20% of all fatal motor vehicle collisions in Tennessee take place at an intersection. Intersections bring together multiple flows of traffic, each with different priorities, modes of transportation and movements. As a result, intersections have become a common place for car accidents to occur. The following factors contribute to the dangerousness of intersections:

  • Multiple directions of traffic colliding: Unlike other stretches of road, intersections involve traffic approaching from various directions. This increases the chances of encountering a vehicle.
  • Turning vehicles: Drivers making turns may be more focused on navigating the turn than on spotting pedestrians.
  • Light changes: The change of traffic lights can prompt sudden starts and stops, making it risky for pedestrians who aren’t paying attention.
  • Blind spots: Large vehicles can create blind spots at intersections, making it harder for drivers and pedestrians to see each other.
  • Speeding: Many drivers speed through intersections, making it difficult to stop in time if another vehicle or pedestrian suddenly enters the intersection.
  • Poor road design or conditions: Some intersections may have inadequate lighting, poor signage or other safety hazards that can increase the risk of accidents. For example, if an intersection has poor lighting, it can be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians or other vehicles. Unclear or insufficient signs can lead to confusion and catastrophic collisions.

If you are injured in a car accident at a dangerous intersection in Tennessee, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may be able to recover compensation from the party who caused the accident if they had driven irresponsibly or failed to look both ways before turning or crossing the intersection.