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What are the latest trends in deer-vehicle collisions?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Car Accidents

With the holidays well underway, more cars are hitting the roads. The high volume of festive travelers coincides with deer mating season, which, unfortunately, can result in severe to fatal damage.

Per the Tennessee Highway Patrol, 4,268 deer-related collisions occurred this year, accounting for 300 injuries and three deaths. Thus, knowing the latest trends in deer-vehicle crashes can help drivers exercise heightened vigilance and prevent deadly consequences.

Assessing the likelihood of deer accidents

A recent State Farm study reveals that deer top the list of animals commonly struck by vehicles, including dogs, coyotes, raccoons and rodents.

The report also provides the following information that can aid in determining the likelihood of wrecks involving deer:

  • State odds: The national average of hitting an animal this year is 1 in 127. Tennessee ranks 26th, making it a medium-risk state with 1 in 107 chances for drivers to hit an animal.
  • Peak months: In order of the most dangerous, November, October and December are when deer usually dart out of the woods and cross roads in search of their mates.
  • Environmental conditions: Deer are most active during dawn or dusk on paved, rural roads.

“Don’t veer for deer” is the state’s Wildlife Resources Agency’s primary safety reminder to drivers when they encounter deer in a potentially dangerous scenario. Swerving may only cause them to hit other vehicles, which is more hazardous.

Filing a claim for deer damage

Depending on a driver’s insurance coverage, they may file a claim for injuries and other losses. With proper legal guidance, they can gather necessary documentation to help estimate the extent of damage, establish liability if applicable and recover fair compensation.