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Car accident may have been caused by driver that fled the scene

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Car Accidents

When a car accident involves multiple victims, it only seems to amplify the hardship. If someone flees the scene of the crash, it may leave victims angry and unsure of how to proceed. Though the justice system exists to ensure that any criminal behavior is punished, if a perpetrator cannot be found, it does not always result in the outcome desired by the victims. A recent car accident here in Tennessee has left many people with questions because the driver at fault, so law enforcement says, did not stay on the scene.

The crash happened on a recent afternoon when one driver allegedly pulled out of a parking lot without yielding to oncoming traffic. A driver in a Mustang attempted to brake and was struck from behind by a Kia, whose driver, authorities say, was not maintaining a safe distance between the two cars. The Mustang then hit a Hyundai after it was pushed into traffic by the Kia. The Hyundai then struck the side of another Kia that was waiting at a stop sign.

The driver of the Hyundai was seriously injured and rushed to a nearby hospital. The drivers of the Mustang and the first Kia also suffered injury. The original vehicle did not remain on the scene of the accident and authorities have not reported whether they’ve been able to identify the driver of that car. The driver of the Mustang has been charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident and failing to wear a seat belt. The driver of the first Kia has also been charged with failure to exercise due care.

Even if the driver of the original car is not located, a civil claim could still be filed against anyone else who is deemed responsible for the multiple vehicle crash, as the criminal charges seem to indicate. Such a claim could be used to pursue recovery of monetary damages, which could help injured parties cover any medical bills, lost wages or other costs that may have resulted from this car accident. An attorney here in Tennessee with extensive knowledge of personal injury claims could be a great asset to those who find themselves in a situation such as this.