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3 car accident myths drivers in Tennessee still believe

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Accidents happen every day in Tennessee. An interactive map on the Tennessee Highway Safety Office site allows you to see where all substantial crashes have occurred throughout the state in 2018, with many of them having taken place around Nashville and Memphis. 

No matter where in Tennessee your car accident took place, you need to take prompt action. Unfortunately, many drivers compromise their claims by doing the wrong thing. Fewer mistakes would occur if people knew what was fact and fiction, so here are some of the most common myths drivers around Tennessee tend to believe. 

Myth #1: If you do not sue immediately, then you lose your chance

In the event your insurance does not cover the total cost of damages, then you may want to consider a lawsuit against the other driver. Many people believe it is too late by the time they get around to completing an insurance claim. However, Tennessee has a statute of limitations of one year for car accident lawsuits. You have one year from the date of the crash to pursue a lawsuit against the other party. 

Myth #2: The police will always gather all the information necessary

You should have the cops come out to the scene to create a report. This will be a significant asset in the event you pursue a lawsuit. However, it is not a guarantee the cops will write down every last detail. You still want to gather your own evidence, including photographs of the scene and testimonies from eyewitnesses. Additionally, when the police complete their report, ask them to read it back to you, because they could have gotten something wrong. 

Myth #3: The insurance company will offer a fair settlement

You do not always want to rely on the insurance company to provide you with something fair. The company may even try to get you to settle early on in the case when you do not know the full extent of your injuries. Do not take a settlement until you have all the essential information.