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Wrongful death: Woman killed in Tennessee car crash

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Employment Law

Even when only driving a short distance, a driver likely encounters many different distractions. Talking with a passenger in the vehicle or attempting to change the radio station is often all that it takes to cause an accident that will tragically alter the lives of many, making it necessary to remain vigilant at all times. Unfortunately, one family may be considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit after a recent crash that took one woman’s life.

The accident happened just before 6 p.m. one afternoon on a day in mid-July. The victim was reportedly a passenger in a pickup truck. The Tennessee Highway Patrol claims that the driver allowed the vehicle to drift over the center line, off the roadway and into a ditch before striking a tree.

The 62-year-old female victim died later the same day from injuries suffered in the accident. While the driver was also injured, the extent of his injuries are unclear. It is also unclear if police expect criminal charges to be filed in connection with the accident.

No family is ever prepared to hear of the unexpected, preventable death of a loved one. In addition to the emotional devastation that such news creates, many families in Tennessee are unprepared to manage the financial consequences of their loss, including funeral costs and loss of wages. As a result, some choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit if the loss was the result of another person’s negligence. If such claims are successfully presented, surviving family members could receive an award of damages, allowing them to focus on their recovery rather than on how they will pay their bills.

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