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Employment law: Lieutenant prevails against sheriff

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2017 | Employment Law

Many people are placed in a difficult situation in which they must ask questions of their employers that could result in conflict. Some workers in Tennessee who have been in such a situation have then been retaliated against in the form of wrongful termination. Unfortunately, these complex employment law matters often require an experienced attorney to seek a resolution.

A former sheriff’s lieutenant in another state and a sheriff have recently settled a disagreement that followed the former’s termination in Oct. 2013. He claims that while serving as a lieutenant, he also sat on the board of supervisors for the county. It was in that position that he was asked to look into the pound which was managed by the sheriff.

He claims that his questions enraged the sheriff, and as a result, he was terminated. While the sheriff claimed that he fired the plaintiff because of problems that began in 2013, a computer analyst testified that the sheriff’s supporting documentation for these claims was actually created after the plaintiff’s termination. Ultimately, management of the pound was moved away from the sheriff to the county administrator after an inspection discovered several issues. As part of the recent settlement, the plaintiff will receive $76,000, though neither party admits wrongdoing.

Many people in Tennessee have also struggled with issues of employment law. Unfortunately, few people have the necessary legal experience to properly respond to claims of wrongful termination. Because litigation is sometimes the only path to justice, they ask for advice from experienced attorneys to guide them through the civil claims process.

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