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Employment law complaint alleges sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | Employment Law

Millions of workers in Tennessee and across the country have one primary goal when it comes to their occupation — to complete their job-related tasks to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, the actions of others can sometimes prevent them from meeting this goal, often in the form of sexual harassment. However, such behavior is in violation of employment law and prompts many people to seek justice in a civil court.

One out-of-state woman has recently taken such action. According to reports, she worked in a cardiac cath lab at Citizens Memorial Hospital. She claims that the lead cardiologist — who also serves as a town mayor — often engaged in behavior that she described as sexual harassment. Alleged actions include statements, banter and communications that were inappropriate and violated their employer’s policy.

The plaintiff claims that she reported the alleged behavior to human resources and asked the man to stop the behavior several times. However, she argues that she was terminated as a result of her complaint. A representative for the company says that her claims were investigated after her termination and resulted in a determination that “inappropriate sexual conduct had occurred.”

People should be able to work without facing a violation of their rights. If they do become victims of violations of employment law, they should not have to worry about the security of their jobs for reporting such behavior. If they find themselves suffering as a result of wrongful termination or sexual harassment in Tennessee, an experienced attorney can help them file a claim against their employer.

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