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Car accidents: Car strikes Tennessee gym, 2 injured

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Car Accidents

Drivers and pedestrians in Tennessee typically recognize that there are certain known risks involved with using the roadways. However, most people likely feel fairly safe from car accidents when inside a building. Unfortunately, one man was recently injured when a car struck a building.

The incident happened just before noon on a day in early April. According to reports, an elderly woman attempted to back out of a parking spot. Reports indicate, however, that her car was actually in drive, rather than reverse, causing the car to slam into a gym.

A workout class was reportedly just beginning at the time of the crash.  Most people were able to get out of the path of a vehicle, but one man was trapped by the car. He was transported to the hospital with what has been described as a serious leg injury. The driver of the car was also taken to the hospital.

The injured man likely thought that going to the gym would better his life, but he is in the hospital recovering from injuries he suffered through no fault of his own. Many victims of car accidents in Tennessee find that their injuries result in medical bills that they have difficulty managing. In combination with the wages they lose while they recover, their financial situation can become unstable. Fortunately, they have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against those who caused their injuries. If negligence can be proved, the court could award them damages that will leave them better able to manage the financial ramifications of their injuries.

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