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Tennessee car accidents: What to do if involved in one

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2017 | Car Accidents

They happen all too quickly. Drivers become distracted, aren’t paying attention or misjudge the situation. Car accidents occur on Tennessee roadways on a daily basis. Most are minor with minimal damage to person or property; however, some are more extensive, with major damage and serious injury.

Car accidents usually occur without warning. Once one happens, it is important for the drivers to know what they need to do. First of all, each driver needs to remain at the accident site and make sure everyone involved is physically okay. If someone has been injured, medical personnel should be contacted immediately. Additionally, police should be notified of the accident.

Next, drivers will want to exchange information. Each driver will want the other driver’s address, phone number and insurance information. Additionally, each driver will want to be careful in their conversations not to say something that might imply that he or she did something that caused the accident. Law enforcement will investigate the accident, document what happened and may file criminal charges when the evidence warrants them.

Drivers will most likely want to document damage and injuries for themselves. This can be done by taking photos of the accident scene and the cars involved. Additionally, each individual will want to seek medical treatment as needed. Details regarding this medical treatment should be kept in the event there is an ongoing problem which may require a legal solution.

Anyone involved in one of the many car accidents along a Tennessee roadway will want to make sure that both vehicle and person/s are taken care of. Many times, insurance companies will offer a settlement to resolve the matter. Before accepting any offer (indeed, before speaking with the insurance company), the individual will want to discuss the situation with experienced legal counsel to determine how best to proceed.

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