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Car accidents and the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Car Accidents

As many prepare to celebrate the holiday season, it is important to remember that an increase in traffic along Tennessee roadways comes along with the preparations for the festivities. Individuals are driving to the grocery store or mall for a last minute needed item. Then, there are some who have just now decided it is time to begin holiday shopping, and they are frantically searching for the perfect item. Along with this increase in traffic comes an increase in car accidents.

In addition to an increase in traffic due to shopping ventures, friends and family often get together to celebrate during the holidays. These celebrations often involve gifts, food and drink. For some, the celebration and euphoria of spending time with loved ones impairs their judgment, and they eat and drink too much. While eating too much may add to their waistline, drinking too much may lead to drunk driving and the possibility of being involved in one of the many car accidents that occur this time of year.

Law enforcement offices across Tennessee are ramping up their coverage of the roadways. In addition to looking for possible drunk drivers, they are looking for anything that could result in an accident or harm to an individual’s life. Officers have set their sights on those drivers who are driving in an aggressive manner, speeding and allowing themselves or their passengers to not use seatbelts. This increase in police efforts is designed to reduce the number of violators on the roads and to save lives this holiday season.

Unfortunately, Tennessee law enforcement will not be able to prevent all car accidents from occurring. Someone is going to make a poor decision, and this choice is going to affect others. If a Tennessee family suffers financially or emotionally due to the actions of another, they may want to discuss the situation with an experienced attorney. There may be recourse available through the Tennessee civil courts.

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