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How drivers can avoid common summer road dangers

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Blog, Car Accidents

Just because the threat of icy streets or snow has passed, Tennessee drivers should not stop being vigilant while on the road. There are hazards that are particular to summer as well, and being aware of them can help reduce the likelihood of a motor vehicle accident.

Weather and driver behavior

First, it’s important to remember that summer weather isn’t always conducive to driving either. Torrential rain can make roads slippery and affect visibility. Summer also brings out vacationers, which could mean drivers who are less familiar with local roads. In addition, summer recreational activities and the Fourth of July holiday can mean more people are drinking and then getting behind the wheel.


Even when the weather is good, there may be certain obstacles to look out for. That improved weather means a lot more construction is happening, and drivers should be aware of this and take precautions to remain safe. Drivers should slow down in construction zones, and if it is an area they travel through regularly, they might want to find out whether there is an alternate route.

Pedestrians and other Vehicles

Warm weather can also bring out more people on foot as well as more cyclists and motorcyclists. They are all at a disadvantage compared to automobiles and trucks because they can be more difficult to see and have no protective material around them to protect them in traffic accidents. Drivers may need to take additional steps in order to make sure that they have checked the area around them thoroughly before taking such actions as changing lanes or turning.

Drivers should not let down their guards in summer despite the warmer weather and what seems to be more favorable conditions. In fact, doing so and becoming distracted as a result can be another contributor to serious accidents. Keeping the potential dangers in mind can help drivers, passengers and others who use the roads safer in the summer and all year round.