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Spotting a distracted driver

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving factors into numerous collisions on Tennessee roads. Motorists who refrain from behaviors that take the eyes, hands and mind from the wheel could reduce their potential for causing an accident. However, they remain at risk of becoming victims of distracted drivers. So, alertness while driving may extend to avoiding distracted commuters.

Distracted driver behavior

Distracted drivers are only sometimes easy to spot, especially at a distance. However, how the car moves could indicate the driver is not paying proper attention to the road. If the car brakes suddenly to avoid running a red light or hitting another car, that may indicate the driver isn’t paying attention. Cars that veer into other lanes or slow down and speed up might also have a distracted driver at the wheel.

No matter how the vehicle moves, one telltale sign the driver is distracted would be where the person is looking. A driver who is turned to discuss something with a passenger may not see what’s ahead. Also, if the person’s head looks down, the driver may be texting or looking at a touchscreen display. Be aware that even momentary glancing away from traffic could lead to a crash.

Further distractions

When a driver has something in their hand, vehicle collision risks increase. Whether someone holds a coffee cup or a smartphone in hand does not matter. The hand is not on the wheel and remains occupied. Also, attention may shift to the object, creating a cognitive distraction. Such behavior may cause car accidents.

Distracted driving takes many forms, and drivers who do not pay attention to safety while commuting could cause a collision. Anyone whose negligence leads to a crash could face a lawsuit brought forth by injured victims.