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Car accidents involving children are heartbreaking

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

The amount of traffic on Tennessee roadways and around the country continues to increase every year. With the increase in traffic the likelihood of being involved in an accident also increases. Some car accidents are fender benders that do minimal damage but others result in tragic death and serious injury. One such accident recently happened in Mascot.

A car was traveling along Mascot Road and entered the intersection of Immel Mine Road where it was struck by another vehicle. The impact caused immense damage to both vehicles and their occupants. There were three occupants in the first vehicle, two adults and a child. The two adults were pronounced dead at the scene.

The child was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Her condition was believed to be critical. The two occupants of the other vehicle were also transported to an area hospital and their condition is unknown. It is not known of speed or alcohol contributed to the accident. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Fatal car accidents are an all too common occurrence in Tennessee. When a child is involved it takes the tragedy to another level. The prospect of a child becoming an orphan or living with the memory of the trauma brought on by the accident can be heartbreaking. Nothing can undo the tragedy but a conversation with a personal injury attorney can assist a person in determining if a civil lawsuit against the party deemed responsible is a viable option. A successfully litigated claim can provide compensation for medical costs, final costs and other verifiable losses.