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Employment law intended to help protect employees

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Employment Law

Workplace discrimination is a continuing problem in Tennessee and elsewhere around the country. Laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have been passed to enhance the protections provided by employment law. A woman in another state is suing her previous employer on the grounds that she was fired because of health reasons.

The woman was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication to help with her condition. Some years after being diagnosed with ADHD, she was told she had to undergo a surgical procedure that would require her to stop taking her medication for a period of time. The day after she began her medical leave for the surgery, she suffered a stroke and was told to permanently stop taking the medication.

The woman returned to work following a medical leave but suffered from short-term memory loss as a complication from stopping the ADHD medication. She requested special accommodations to allow her to continue performing her job, but those were denied to her, and she was subsequently terminated. The woman is seeking a trial by jury and unspecified damages.

A person’s sense of well-being and personal satisfaction are frequently connected to the work one does. When that is taken away, the damage to one’s sense of self worth can be significant. Employment law exists to help protect a person from losing a job through no fault of one’s own. A person in Tennessee who believes he or she may have been subjected to workplace discrimination may wish to speak with an experienced labor law attorney. A lawyer can review the facts of one’s case and advise one as to what legal options may be available.