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3 signs of age discrimination to watch for

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

Baby boomers and many older workers in the Nashville area experience age discrimination at work and do not realize it, especially in the tech sector. Thanks to the passage of the Age Discrimination Employment Act in 1967, employers cannot lawfully use age to discriminate against workers. 

Proving bias in the workplace, especially when you think age is a factor, is not easy. The fear of retaliation and a lack of awareness are major contributing factors for why many victims 40 years old and older stay quiet. Workers of any age can report their employers for unlawfully targeting protected class individuals over others. Here are a few common signs of age discrimination on the job. 

Getting passed over for promotions, raises and benefits 

Employers may offer more advancement, pay increase and benefit opportunities to younger employees who lack the experience and qualifications their older coworkers have. This is a common tactic companies use to retain and attract a younger workforce while discouraging aging employees from applying and staying. 

Getting laid off or forced to quit 

Employers cannot focus solely on age in their hiring and firing decisions. To hide their intent, jobs often create a subversive work culture or allow one to persist that makes older employees feel less welcome. This includes motivating older workers to quit their jobs by treating them unfairly and allowing a predatory work culture to persist. Older employers may hear and receive disparaging comments about their age from their coworkers and supervisors. They may offer workplace events and activities that cater to a younger demographic instead of inclusionary events for all workers. 

Receiving unwarranted disciplinary action 

Sometimes, employers have timelines in place in which they try to lower the age of their workforce. To help them meet their goals, they target older employees by providing more frequent and undeserved disciplinary actions to cover their unlawful actions that lead up termination. 

Employees who believe they are on the receiving end of discriminatory or predatory tactics and practices due to their age can sue to hold their employers liable and receive compensation for their ordeal.