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Online purchases can yield dangerous products

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Dangerous Products

It seems that the entire world is battery operated these days. Laptop computers, cell phones, electric vehicles and any number of other items in Tennessee such as hoverboards and scooters are all powered by batteries. Most of these items run on what are believed to be efficient and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Many of these are purchased on Amazon, and the safety and quality of the battery being sold may be in doubt. The batteries purchased may indeed be dangerous products.

A graduate student in New York ordered a replacement battery for his laptop when his laptop stopped working. While working on the laptop one evening, the battery exploded like a gunshot and sent pieces flying around the room. The laptop caught fire, destroying the man’s couch and hardwood floors. Leaking battery acid caused the student to be treated for first degree burns. The battery that appeared to cause the problem was purchased from Amazon.

Amazon has become the go-to vendor for more and more goods purchased by Americans. One issue is that, in many cases, Amazon is providing a platform for third party sellers and there is little control over the actual product. Batteries often come from China, and though they bare a brand name, they may in fact be knockoffs or counterfeit.

The young man from New York had run head-on into a problem that is increasingly facing consumers in the world of e-commerce. In the vast and anonymous world of online retail, it can be difficult to locate the responsible party, even when one suffers a personal injury or loss. If a person in Tennessee suffers a loss or injury because of dangerous products purchased online, a consultation with a personal injury attorney may be able to help one locate the party liable for the injury and potentially help prevent the incident from recurring.