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Car accidents can strike anytime

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Car Accidents

People go about their lives in Tennessee not giving much thought about what minute may be their last. Getting in and out of cabs driven by people trying to make a living is something people do every day. In the Chelsea section of Memphis, a crash took the life of one person and seriously injured two others. Chelsea has been the location of many serious car accidents in the past.

A cab was driving near Chelsea Avenue when it was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle. The oncoming vehicle crossed the center line for an unknown reason and crashed into the cab. The driver of the cab was pronounced dead at the scene. The cab’s passenger, a pregnant woman, and the driver of the other car were both transported to the hospital in critical condition. They are expected to recover, but the condition of the unborn child was not known.

A person at the scene did not see the accident but said it’s a dangerous area. People frequently speed, and it’s a popular stretch for racing. The road was closed for several hours following the accident, which remains under investigation.

It is known that accidents can happen at any time, but that makes them no less devastating when they do happen. When car accidents result in death or serious injury, the trauma experienced by loved ones can be immeasurable. Although nothing can turn back the clock and undo the tragedy, people who are dealing with such a sudden and devastating loss in Tennessee may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can review the facts of the accident and help the client to determine if a civil suit against the party deemed responsible is a viable option.