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Police shooting results in wrongful death lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Wrongful Death

A recent case in Tennessee echoes many similar and unfortunate cases across the country. A Memphis police officer has been charged with wrongful death in the shooting and resulting death of a young man. The lawsuit alleges racial discrimination and profiling contributed to the shooting that caused the man’s death.

The officer claimed that he saw the man with a gun. The man was shot in the back as he was fleeing on foot from the officer accused in the shooting. The officer claimed that at one point during the chase, the deceased turned and pointed a gun directly at him. The lawsuit refutes this claim by saying the surveillance video does not support it.

The family is suing the officer and the Metro Government for $30 million. The family is claiming wrongful death, racial discrimination and violation of the Fourth Amendment. The officer has been indicted for murder in the first degree by a grand jury and has pleaded not guilty. The family is requesting a trial by jury.

The death of a loved one is never easy to bear. When the death comes at the hands of the police it can be especially difficult. Doubt about what happened may linger and the deceased will not get his day in court to defend himself. A family facing such a situation in Tennessee can consult with a personal injury attorney to determine what legal options may be available. A lawyer can review the facts of the case and help determine whether a wrongful death suit is a viable option.