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Common ways drivers become distracted behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Car accidents can result in significant injuries. In July of last year, a driver crashed into a medical clinic, leaving several people with injuries. 

A common explanation for why car accidents occur is that the driver became distracted while operating the vehicle. A driver who takes his or her eyes off the road for even two seconds can cause a disaster. There are numerous distractions inside any car, such as notifications from a smartphone. Here are other ways drivers can become distracted. 

Talking to someone inside the car

People may understand that it is dangerous to talk to people over the phone while driving, but they also need to be careful of getting deep in conversation with passengers. It is vital to remember they do not have to look at someone to have a conversation. Additionally, they should avoid having intense conversations while driving. Drivers should wait until they have reached their destination before they discuss a serious matter.

Drinking or eating

Many people eat breakfast on their commutes to work. However, they need to make the time where they can sit down at a table to enjoy a meal instead. Taking one hand off the wheel means they will have a more difficult time reacting should something happen in front of them. Drivers can become more distracted if they end up spilling something.

Zoning out

Many people take the same route to and from work five days a week. They can get in such a habit that they start to become absorbed in thinking about their plans for the day ahead or the events of the day when they are behind the wheel. They do not want to let that happen. Drivers should never allow their minds to wander when other people’s lives are at stake.