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Avoid these two distractions when driving

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

Distracted driving kills. Not only does it take lives, but it also irrevocably changes them. There are thousands of car accidents in the Lawrenceburg area every day. Distractions are any thought, conversation and activity that keep the focus off the task of driving. You might have a tendency to send and read texts while you operate your vehicle. Though you have gotten away with it before, each incident increases the potential of you becoming a car crash victim.

Texting is one of many types of distractions that drivers fall prey to. Eating, personal grooming and interacting with backseat passengers are other kinds of driving distractions that also lead to accidents, injuries and death. To lower the chances of you hitting someone or being hit by a car or truck, check out the following distractions to avoid when on the road.

Cellphone and mobile devices

Cellphones are so addictive that many people cannot put them down long enough for them to drive safely. Drivers should turn off their phones and put it in a place that is not easy to reach. By keeping the device out of sight, they can prevent it from occupying their mind. They can always check the cellphone after reaching their destination.

Driving while drowsy

Many people work multiple jobs to support themselves and dependents. Driving is more convenient because it can save time. But, driving while sleepy is extremely dangerous. It has the same impact as drunk driving. Sleep deprivation is serious and makes it challenging for motorists to monitor the roads and identify potential hazards to avoid.

Driving is not the most entertaining task in the world. Regardless of how far drivers need to travel, they should do so without distractions. To lower the risk of an accident, drivers may plan frequent rest stops, share driving responsibilities, and take appropriate actions to remain alert and compliant with all driving laws.