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Drunk drivers remain a major cause of car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Car Accidents

Drivers are told many times that defensive driving in Tennessee is safe driving and that it is best to expect the unexpected. Some situations can be anticipated such as slowed or stopped traffic. However, it is nearly impossible to be prepared for the completely unexpected and unpredictable situations that can be caused by a drunk driver. Sadly, drunk drivers remain a major cause of car accidents, many of which are fatal.

A drunk driver is the probable cause of a fatal accident near Nashville International Airport recently. Two vehicles were involved in the crash. One, a Toyota Camry, was driven by a gentleman who appeared to be intoxicated at the time of the crash. The other vehicle was a Nissan Sentra.

The driver of the Camry, who was headed northbound, hit a curb and lost control of his vehicle. This caused him to cross the median and crash head-on into the Nissan Sentra that was traveling southbound. The driver of the Nissan was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he later passed away as a result of his injuries. According to the police report, the driver of the Camry smelled of alcohol and claimed to have had several drinks prior to the accident. He faces charges of vehicular homicide.

The sudden loss of a loved one or loved ones killed in car accidents due to a drunk driver in Tennessee are likely to cause feelings of shock, grief and anger. Even as the feelings of grief and shock begin to subside, the anger may remain. The family may want to find answers as to how and why the accident happened. A consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney may yield some answers and bring much needed closure.