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Racism continues to be an employment law concern in 2018

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2018 | Employment Law

The year is 2018 and sadly racism is alive and well in Tennessee. While employees occasionally suffer discrimination from their employers, they may also experience it coming from customers. Employment law protects employees from workplace discrimination.

Home Depot is a pet-friendly store, and pets are welcome but must be on a leash while in the store. A Home Depot employee, an African-American, asked a customer to please leash his dog. The customer responded, “You’re from the ghetto. What do you know?” The gentleman added additional disparaging and racial comments and the Home Depot employee asked the customer to leave. The employee had recently been named employee of the month.

Shortly after the incident, Home Depot fired the employee for not adhering to protocol. Protocol dictated that he should have contacted a manger and had the manager intervene in the situation. Home Depot did rethink its position and have offered to give the gentleman his job back.

No person in the state of Tennessee should have to suffer racism silently. A person who feels he or she has been the victim of racist discrimination in the workplace could benefit from a confidential discussion of his or her case with an attorney experienced in the field of employment law. A knowledgeable lawyer can look at the facts of the situation and help a person to understand his or her rights under the law. An attorney can help to determine if a civil suit is warranted. A successful civil suit may result in compensation for lost wages and other verifiable damages.