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Incidents like this one often lead to wrongful death litigation

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2018 | Wrongful Death

Tennessee highways are dangerous places. A person can be riding along as a passenger and suddenly wind up in a life-threatening situation, especially if there’s a reckless driver nearby. Sometimes, the reckless driver might be in the very same vehicle. Sadly, that was the case in a recent tragedy that occurred in a similar way to wrongful death situations that have happened in the past.  

It’s more common than not that police do not know all the details upfront following a serious motor vehicle collision. What they do know about the recent crash is that the driver was 18 years of age. He had reportedly been involved in another crash moments before he slammed head-on into a pole on the side of the road.  

In fact, police say the motorist then fled the scene of the previous wreck. His car then apparently careened off the road and crashed the second time. He was seriously injured upon impact when he hit the pole. His passenger was a 23-year-old man, and he did not survive in the incident.  

There continues to be an investigation into the events leading up to the passenger’s death. At this time, criminal charges against the driver are pending until the investigation is concluded. When a passenger in a vehicle dies due to the driver’s reckless behavior behind the wheel, Tennessee law allows an immediate family member to file a wrongful death claim in court. Although no human life is replaceable, compensation awarded by the court can help alleviate any financial burden’s a car accident may have on a  fatal victim’s family.