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Warm weather and more motorcycles equals rise in accidents

On Behalf of | May 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

With warmer weather, Tennessee motorists are beginning to see more motorcyclists out and about—at least they should see them.

Unfortunately, while drivers are accustomed to sharing the road with other cars and trucks, they may not see smaller objects, and when a car-motorcycle crash occurs, the vulnerable rider often suffers the most serious injuries.

More skill but more exposure

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that more skill is needed to operate a motorcycle than to drive a vehicle with four wheels. Riders must always drive defensively and be alert to the possibility of trouble. Motorcyclists and their bikes are smaller and faster than cars or trucks, and even with helmets and other protective gear, are more exposed to the possibility of accidents.

Most common injuries

Data compiled by the Oklahoma State Department of health indicates that head injuries like TBI top the list with respect to motorcycle injuries and fatalities. Broken bones are also a common result of such accidents. Because the motorcycle falls over on its side during a crash, and the accident happens so quickly, the rider’s leg is often trapped beneath the bike and broken as a result.

Issues for older motorcycle riders

The simple fact of aging is a problem for older motorcycle riders. Age causes a reduction in bone strength as well as chest wall elasticity. Advancing age also causes motorcyclists who are 60 or older to have slower reflexes and vision that is not as sharp as it once was.

Seeking justice

A personal injury attorney will tell you that a motorcycle rider has the same rights as a motorist. However, insurance companies will often do their best to pin the blame for an accident on the motorcyclist. This is where the attorney steps in, launching a thorough investigation to prove who was at fault. At this point, all the motorcycle rider should be doing is concentrating on recovering from an accident that no doubt ruined a great ride on a warm, sunny day.