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Makeup marketed toward young girls includes dangerous products

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2018 | Dangerous Products

Many women and young girls have a certain brand and favorite products when it comes to makeup. Tennessee consumers use these products, trusting that they are tested and found to be safe. Consumers also read labels to see what ingredients manufacturers use to develop their favorite products. Unfortunately, some products contain ingredients that are hazardous to human health and are consider dangerous products.

Claire’s Stores, a popular retailer that markets products toward young girls, has recalled many of its makeup products after testing done by an outside agency found the makeup contained asbestos. The retailer had stated that the products were safe to use and asbestos-free, according to tests that the company had performed in house. A sister company, Justice, has also pulled the makeup from the company’s shelves as its own testing revealed trace amounts of the dangerous substance.

Asbestos was once used to insulate houses and fireproof buildings. It is now widely known that asbestos causes cancer and lung disease, like mesothelioma. Lawmakers are now trying to pass legislation that would require all makeup be labeled as asbestos-free or carry a warning label.

When companies have information regarding the ingredients they use that could render these items as dangerous products, some may make the perilous decision to withhold from consumers the risks associated with the use of such products. Failing to properly test and notify consumers of the dangers can have disastrous consequences for those who use such products. Victims of misrepresented or negligently manufactured products may have the option to file a personal injury lawsuit. A successful Tennessee claim could result in a financial compensation to cover any damages and could also ensure proper labeling and warnings in the future.

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