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Popular toy makes the dangerous products list in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2017 | Dangerous Products

Walking the isles in any Tennessee toy store, one can become overwhelmed with the thousands of neatly packaged toys awaiting purchase. What may be included in those eye-catching packages could be dangerous products that unsuspecting parents purchase for their children. Many of the recent wildly popular toys contain dangers that child safety advocates are raising concerns about.

One such danger is contained in many toys sold across the nation. These “toys” are marketed to not only children, but adults as well. The building sets and fidget toys that include “rare earth” magnets could have serious health implications if ingested by small children.

The very strong magnets contained within are found in numerous toys and desk toys that are marketed toward adults. The label may say that the toy contains magnets, but the strength of the magnet or type is not disclosed. Upon further investigation, advocate groups learned of a significant disparity in labeling and marketing regarding the age ranges of safe use and even if the toy contains the powerful magnet.

After looking deeper into the issue, it has been noted that even the current standards for the magnets may not be safe. And for parents who are looking to make sure that the toys meet child age requirements, the online descriptions can be vague. The details regarding the toy and what magnet type it contains may not be consistent with the actual packaging.

When toys are marketed accurately, both online and in other ads, parents can rest assured that, when played with as intended, most toys are safe. Should a retailer or manufacturer misrepresent a label and a child is injured, seeking advice from an attorney about pursuing a personal injury claim may be advisable. A Tennessee lawyer experienced in handling claims regarding dangerous products and the injuries they can cause can help families understand their rights under consumer protection laws and seek compensation when appropriate.

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