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High-speed chases often result in serious car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2017 | Car Accidents

Details are few about a recent multi-vehicle crash in Murfreesboro. Early indications are that a police pursuit was underway immediately before the crash. Driving at high speeds can be deadly, regardless of one’s training and experience, often resulting in car accidents with serious injuries, or worse. That appears to have been the case in this instance, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol is now investigating the crash. 

The incident occurred around 7:20 p.m. Neighbors who witnessed the accident reported that many police vehicles were in the vicinity at the time of the accident. Loud bangs were heard, and the witnesses noted that a police pursuit appeared to have been in progress.

Several power lines that fell as a result of the incident left residents in the nearby area without power for close to two hours. One vehicle is said to have ended up down a ravine. Reports indicate that at least one person was injured and taken to a local hospital by LifeFlight. 

Car accidents are an unfortunate byproduct of speeding, including high-speed chases. There’s too little information available to gauge whether this particular incident may result in civil litigation. As the report notes that multiple vehicles were involved, the role the injured victim played in the crash will be a crucial factor. If he or she was an on-duty police officer, worker’s compensation benefits and a third party claim for monetary damages ina Tennessee civil court may be appropriate. If the victim was a passenger or was driving a vehicle that was not involved in any police chase, that too could result in civil claims for financial relief.

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