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Cars can be dangerous products in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Dangerous Products

Millions of products are placed on the market for Tennessee consumers to purchase and use on a daily basis. These sometimes-dangerous products often enjoy the trust and familiarity that a brand name provides. In the case of one automaker, the boasting of autonomous features on the self-proclaimed “safest car” may lead car shoppers into purchasing a possibly dangerous product.

A hedge fund manager says that Tesla, a trusted and often revered automaker, is misleading consumers. The current leader in autonomous-driving vehicles is said to be knowingly placing under-tested electric cars on the market. Tesla has been accused in the past of deploying autopilot technology that had not been tested adequately.

The car company has been questioned by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concerning its claims of having the safest car in history. The testing, Tesla claims, is completed by the United States government. The company backs its claims and all of the vehicles it places on showroom floors as the safest vehicles ever manufactured.

Motor vehicles are a very important part of everyday life and a significant financial investment. When a car is placed on the market for purchase, safeguards are in place for consumers should the vehicle prove to be a lemon. But companies who knowingly place dangerous products into consumers’ hands are at risk for a lawsuit. Anyone injured due to the misrepresentation or other negligence of a manufacturer or other party in the consumer supply chain may have grounds to pursue a claim for personal injuries through the Tennessee civil justice system.

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