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Sunroofs make the list for dangerous products in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2017 | Dangerous Products

When shopping for a new car in Tennessee, those in the market for a new vehicle may have an idea of the additional options that they would like to see in their new car. Heated seats, Bluetooth capabilities and a sunroof are some of the additional options that can make a car look nice and allow the driver a sense of comfort while operating the vehicle. But some of these additional options can be harmful or hazardous; in fact, one vehicle upgrade has fallen on at least one dangerous products list.

A recent investigation by Consumer Reports has found that, even though the occurrence is rare, the explosion of a sunroof can and does happen. The findings found that sunroofs simply shatter, regardless of the month of the year, the time of day, where the vehicle was manufactured, or while the car was in motion or stationary. Should the explosion occur while the vehicle is in operation, the potential for a hazardous or life threatening situation could occur.

Many automakers are unsure of why this is happening, but they seem to agree that the larger the expanse of glass used for the sunroof, the more likely it is to shatter at any given time. With the change in car size and design, automakers are not keeping up or acknowledging the problem. Safety standards have not been issued to remedy the problem.

The explosion of a sunroof may not seem like something that could happen, but it does. Should a serious accident occur as a result, automakers could be facing an investigation to see if the issue could have been avoided with stricter regulations or by implementing dimensions that are safe for the size of the glass to be used for the sunroof. Tennessee residents who have suffered an injury due to dangerous products may have the option to file a personal injury claim in a civil court. An attorney with experience in such cases can help determine if this is the best course of action and aid the victims in understanding all legal options that may be available.

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