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Truck accidents: Dump truck incident results in toddler’s death

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Truck Accidents

The vast majority of drivers on Tennessee roadways take measures to ensure that they do not cause an accident. Unfortunately, even a moment of inattention can have disastrous consequences, especially if those moments result in truck accidents. One family is now mourning the death of their toddler after their vehicle was struck by a dump truck.

The incident happened one morning on a day in May. According to reports, a 40-year-old man driving a dump truck was searching the floorboard of the truck he was driving for items that had fallen. The truck then reportedly struck a sports utility vehicle in the rear.

The initial collision resulted in a chain-reaction crash that ultimately involved two other vehicles. A toddler in the SUV was rushed to the hospital but passed away from his injuries later that day. Both of his parents also received hospital treatment as did a 67-year-old woman in one of the other vehicles involved in the crash. All three of those victims are expected to survive.

Unfortunately, this accident appears to fully illustrate the potential dangers of even a moment of inattention on Tennessee roads. Now, a family is facing the unexpected, preventable loss of their young child as a result. To help ensure that all parties — potentially to include the employers of commercial drivers involved in such accidents — are held accountable for negligence, many victims of truck accidents file a civil lawsuit. A successfully presented case can result in an award of damages that will leave surviving victims better able to manage the financial complications of another person’s negligence.

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