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Car accidents involving motorcycles hard to anticipate

Traffic accidents can happen anywhere at any time in Tennessee. With so much more traffic on the roads it can be more difficult to anticipate every eventuality. Any car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, but car accidents involving motorcycles can be almost impossible to anticipate as motorcycles are sometimes difficult to see.

Fatal car accidents may be caused by an impaired driver

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Tennessee can be hazardous to the driver and to other drivers on the road. Car accidents can happen at any time, but when a driver is impaired, the likelihood of an accident rises dramatically. A serious accident took place on a recent Saturday night in Nashville.

Car accidents can detour the start of a work week

On Monday mornings, people leave their homes in Tennessee to begin a new work week. Some may be thinking about upcoming meetings or other events as they sit at a traffic light. Though that is how the day started for 14 commuters in the vicinity of Stateline Road and Germantown Road, their mornings were interrupted by multi-vehicle car accidents that resulted in a fatality.

Drunk drivers remain a major cause of car accidents

Drivers are told many times that defensive driving in Tennessee is safe driving and that it is best to expect the unexpected. Some situations can be anticipated such as slowed or stopped traffic. However, it is nearly impossible to be prepared for the completely unexpected and unpredictable situations that can be caused by a drunk driver. Sadly, drunk drivers remain a major cause of car accidents, many of which are fatal.

A suspended license doesn't stop car accidents

Traffic laws exist in an attempt to keep drivers in Tennessee safe. This includes penalties for not following the laws that can result in the suspension of a person's license. Sadly, a person whose license has been suspended may violate the order and pose a risk to him or herself or to other drivers. Car accidents may result.

Risk of death during car accidents higher for motorcyclists

Many Tennessee drivers may be among those who enjoy a motorcycle ride. Whether they are a driver or a passenger, motorcycle enthusiasts agree that not many things can compare to the thrill of the open road. While this may certainly be the case, motorcycle drivers and passengers are at higher risk of suffering serious injuries during car accidents

Juvenile killed in motor vehicle accident in Tennessee

Although it becomes, at times, second nature, drivers are constantly assessing their situations and making decisions that allow them to respond appropriately. Distractions in the vehicle that cause a driver to overlook the need to make an adjustment often have serious consequences. In fact, police in Tennessee say that a 16-year-old female recently lost her life in a motor vehicle accident.

Car accidents caused by fatigued drivers are on the rise

Life in Tennessee can become a blur when one is caught up in the commotions of the day. Running errands, work and catching up with all the other things on one's to-do list can be overwhelming. Getting behind the wheel while stressed, distracted or tired can have serious consequences both for the driver and for those who happen to be in or near the road in the same vicinity. Car accidents caused by fatigued drivers can have devastating consequences, as one recent crash underscored.

Car accidents resulting from negligence have devastating effects

As the weather begins to warm up across Tennessee, many drivers are taking to the roads for excursions. Traveling the scenic routes, especially for drivers who travel the roadway frequently, can lead to a complacency that can result a minor fender bender or even a serious auto accident. Car accidents that result from driver complacency can be a difficult situation to go through, especially when children are involved.

Car accidents: Negligent drivers can put children at risk

It may be tempting to ignore yellow or red lights when the roadway seems empty or one is in a hurry. The placing of traffic lights and the responsibility to heed traffic laws helps to ensure that all drivers are safe and arrive at their intended destinations without becoming involved in car accidents. Ignoring posted speed limits and traffic signals can have serious of even fatal repercussions, as one young man from Tennessee recently learned.

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