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Are in-car features leading to more car accidents?

No matter what time of day a person is on the road or how long he or she is traveling, it is likely that person will be sharing the road with a distracted driver. Distraction is a widespread safety problem in Tennessee and beyond, with cellphones being the main reason for a growing number of car accidents. While texting, talking on the phone and even checking social media are dangerous for drivers, there is evidence that features in many vehicles can also lead to distraction.

Adhering to traffic laws can prevent car accidents

Possessing a driver's license is considered a privilege, not a right. Part of the responsibility of enjoying that privilege is an obligation to observe the traffic laws of the state. The laws in this state exist to help protect the lives of all Tennessee residents. Failure to comply with them can result in car accidents that cause serious or even fatal injuries. 

Car accidents too often prematurely end promising lives

The unexpected death of a loved one is a horrible shock to bear in Tennessee. The shock and pain are magnified when the loved one is a child on the brink of adulthood with his or her life just beginning. A beloved 17-year-old high school senior was recently killed as the result of one of many car accidents that occur on local roadways.

Car accidents involving children are heartbreaking

The amount of traffic on Tennessee roadways and around the country continues to increase every year. With the increase in traffic the likelihood of being involved in an accident also increases. Some car accidents are fender benders that do minimal damage but others result in tragic death and serious injury. One such accident recently happened in Mascot.

Distracted driving can cause tragic car accidents

Summertime is a time for relaxing, planning family time and trying to squeeze as much as possible into the long summer days. Planning and anticipating such events can be a distraction as one is talking on a cell phone, is not focused on driving or is even just daydreaming. With increased traffic on Tennessee roadways, safe driving requires that drivers remain fully focused on the traffic around them. Distraction may have played a part in one of the area's recent tragic car accidents.

Car accidents can strike anytime

People go about their lives in Tennessee not giving much thought about what minute may be their last. Getting in and out of cabs driven by people trying to make a living is something people do every day. In the Chelsea section of Memphis, a crash took the life of one person and seriously injured two others. Chelsea has been the location of many serious car accidents in the past.

Car accidents involving pedestrians are often fatal

On a warm spring evening in Tennessee, it is common to see people out enjoying the weather. This may include those who run or jog in the cool evening to avoid the midday heat. Unfortunately, a distracted or impaired driver may not notice someone on the shoulder of the road. Car accidents involving pedestrians can result in catastrophic, even deadly injuries.

Too many lives cut short by DUI car accidents

Fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers are among the most preventable. Most people are aware that drinking and driving don't mix and that a person who has been drinking should not drive. In this day and age of so many ride options, Uber and Lyft for example, obtaining alternate transportation is not difficult. Sadly, drivers who have been drinking still choose to get behind the wheel, sometimes causing serious car accidents in Tennessee as a result.

Car accident may have been caused by driver that fled the scene

When a car accident involves multiple victims, it only seems to amplify the hardship. If someone flees the scene of the crash, it may leave victims angry and unsure of how to proceed. Though the justice system exists to ensure that any criminal behavior is punished, if a perpetrator cannot be found, it does not always result in the outcome desired by the victims. A recent car accident here in Tennessee has left many people with questions because the driver at fault, so law enforcement says, did not stay on the scene.

A new year may not mean fewer car accidents

A new year has begun in Tennessee with yet another fatal car crash. A new year frequently begins with the hope that the new year will be better than the old year. Where car accidents are concerned, that hope may go unfulfilled. Roadways continue to get more crowded, and the increased number of vehicles leads to an increase in the likelihood of a serious accident.

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